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A Associação Internacional de Poetas é a organização de nº 104 no mundo a APROVAR A CARTA DE NÃO VIOLÊNCIA - E, É A PRIMEIRA DO BRASIL A FAZÊ-LO!

Dear Delasnieve Daspet

It was lovely to see your name on the Nonviolence Charter and to receive
the endorsement of the Associação Internacional de Poetas in Brazil for
'The People's Charter to Create a Nonviolent World'.

I have now added this name, together with your name and email address,
to the 'Organisations' page of the Charter website. You can see the
entry here:

If you wish me to modify this entry in any way please let me know. If
you have a website, I can add that too.

The Associação Internacional de Poetas is the 104th organisation in the
world to endorse the Nonviolence Charter and it is the first
organisation in Brazil to do so.

Hopefully, the Nonviolence Charter will play some small part in drawing
attention to your tremendous work.

It was also great to read something about you: a lawyer, poet and
longtime activist on so many issues! But you are also modest! Wikipedia
revealed more of your wonderful efforts here:

We will look forward to including reference to your remarkable work in
the next Nonviolence Charter progress report (unfortunately not due
until April 2016).

Anyway, if you know anyone else who would like to sign the Nonviolence
Charter personally, they can also do so via the Charter website or by
advising us by email.

We still have a long and difficult road ahead of us but we get to work
with the greatest people from all over the world!

Please pass on our love and best wishes to everyone at the Associação
Internacional de Poetas.

In appreciation of your remarkable efforts.

For a world without violence; Robert, on behalf of Anita and Anahata

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